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It's not that Santa is a luddite, exactly, he just loves his maps...he's been using them for centuries, and has very competent elves in charge of keeping them perpetually updated. That's why when Belle, Santa's mischevious cat gets into a bowl full of pink-icicle-sugar frosting intended for a batch of gingerbread and runs across the maps obscuring important landmarks...there is some concern. Rest assured, the problem is resolved, but it does make for an interesting adventure at the North Pole.

It's also a great story to choose if your child is concerned Santa won't find him because of a move to a new home or holiday travels. Mischevious pets can also get a mention in your p.s. here.

When you are creating your p.s. please let me know details that would make a difference to your child...gender of pets, if yours is a single or two-parent family, etc...these make the letters much more authentic!

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