Still Special After All These Years

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Grown children coming back home for a visit? Make it extra special with warm greetings from Santa. What makes you think they don't believe anymore?
Maybe it's been a few years since you've ordered Santa Letters for your child. They are coming home for Christmas from their Grown-Up world to spend a few days with family. How about a touch of nostalgia with a letter from Santa? You can always put it next to a Mimosa instead of a cup of hot chocolate. Here's a sample: I know how wonderful it is for me to stay in touch with you each year...but my joy pales in comparison to your family's pleasure of sharing magic-laced time with you at Christmas! They have delighted in every accomplishment you've made, every stage of growth you've been through, and every time you've taken a courageous leap to embrace a new opportunity.....May this year supply you with daily opportunities to use your gifts and talents in creative, fresh and loving ways....
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