High School Freshman

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The transition from middle school into high school can be a little tricky. It is characterized by change. This letter from Santa to the 9th grader acknowledges the sometimes abrupt move from being 'the oldest and wisest' to being the youngest in a very different setting. He reinforces that it is natural--and necessary--to feet a bit shaky...and it's all gonna be OK. I wrote this letter in response to a request from a parent who's child was having a rough transition. This is the letter I received in response: Dear Joan, There just are no words to express how much your letter from Santa meant to us and to our daughter. We were stunned when we read it and couldn't believe how well you captured the changes she is facing in her life right now. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. It will be treasured always, as all of Santa's letters are..."

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