Santa's Habit Tracker

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Is your loved one motivated to enter the New Year cultivating some healthy or productive habits? Or possiby terminating some less helpful ones? Think...practicing an instrument, hanging up wet towels, stop biting fingernails...

Santa's Habit Tracker Letter includes four habits known to be associated with well-being: Rising Early, Exercising, Eating Well, and Expressing Gratitude. Give me 2 or 3 other behaviors your loved one is working towards, and I will inlcude a unique illustration just for him or her!

Santa is all about creating good habits. In this letter geared toward the older child or adult, Santa encourages the recipient to make the time to create and track health-enhancing habits. The second page of the letter includes a blank habit tracker that can be reproduced monthly.

The letter will include four habits: Rising Early, Exercising, Eating Well, and Expressing Gratitude. Feel free to include 2 or 3 other habits (practicing an instrument, calling your mother, disconnecting from electronics, etc...) and I will sketch and paint an original illustration to go with it.

Remember, North Pole envelopes are sold separately.

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