Child Habit Tracker

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The Habit Tracker!

Help your child be excited to watch his or her progress and be proud of creating a habit. Whether it's making her bed, practicing an instrument, remembering gratitude, or feeding the family cat---a visual aid, sanctioned by Santa, is a great way to kick off the new year!

You suggest three habits you'd like your child to work on, and I'll illustrate and paint them.

Which habits are your child trying to cultivate? (Or you wish they would cultivate!)

In this letter, Santa shares the elves delight at creating and sticking to systems that help them reach their goals. Even if your family doesn't have reindeer to tend, or silver bells to polish, or a toy-making workshop that runs best when tools are neatly replaced....he may still need to make his bed? Practice her instrument? Care for the family pet? Reduce screen time? Read?

List three items you would like to include for your child to work on and I will illustrate them, such as those seen in the example. This will leave two blanks so you and your child can plot together after the letter is received.

I will keep the month blank so you can make copies to use all year long!

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