So, is it really lying to your child to perpetuate the Santa myth?


Before my children were born I was writing and illustrating letters from Santa.


 I’d met a woman who wrote letters to her boys each year, inspired by the Father Christmas Letters JRR Tolkein wrote to his children. Lois loved writing adventure-filled stories from the North Pole, but wasn’t much of an illustrator. She noticed my simple drawings for an office publication one day and asked if I’d embellish her latest Christmas letter.


The combination of writing a story, illustrating and painting it to bring magic to a child captivated me! That year I started writing and illustrating letters from Santa to my nieces and nephews, children for whom I babysat, and children of friends. Five years later, I started offering them for sale.


Eventually I attended juried shows along the East coast. I was lucky enough to have my sisters and p

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