It is mid July 2019 and I am in Denver attending the IAMPETH conference. This is my fifth time attending, and I grieve for all the years I didn’t know it existed. Two thousand nineteen marks seventy years of this International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting, offering the absolute finest of teaching and sharing the art of beautiful handwriting at their annual conferences.


I have practiced calligraphy for over thirty years, for the first twenty-one I would say, mostly self-taught. It was difficult to find local teachers with whom to work, and it wasn’t until on line resources were available that I actually found my first one-on-one lettering mentor. This was in the form of a correspondence course with Thomas Ingmire, a calligraphic artist in the San Francisco area.


Thomas sent me a thick packet detailing what paper, pen, nibs, and ink to buy, with meticulous instructions about lining my paper and creating exa

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